Players - the new collection from ANTE KOVAC

The new collection "Players" from Ante Kovacs is dedicated to people who independently shape the circumstances of their lives, for which life is a great field for their own Games.

Picasso collection - for Her
Picasso collection - for Her
18 December 2017

For 10 years, the manufactory, located in Moscow, has created many products and collections of accessories, drawing ideas from everywhere. In the ANTE KOVAC arsenal there are several collections inspired by famous artists, among them Vincent Van Gogh, Alphonse Mucha, Vasily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali. Among these great masters, Pablo Picasso joins - the brand ANTE KOVAC has released a new women's collection "PICASSO".

ANTE KOVAC Boutique in Moscow

Once in a new boutique, there is a special atmosphere of the brand. In this place, art, fashion, culture, music merge together. The style of the works and interior of Ante Kovac is a continuation of each other, but the name for such a style is difficult to find. Here and modern with art nouveau, a little steampunk, metal and wood, smooth, curved shape.

Van Gogh collections for Him and for Her

Handmade bags and accessories - what could be more luxurious? ANTE KOVAC company daily searches for the answer to this question by creating leather accessories with handmade paintings.