Picasso collection - for Her

18 December 2017

For 10 years, the manufactory, located in Moscow, has created many products and collections of accessories, drawing ideas from everywhere. In the ANTE KOVAC arsenal there are several collections inspired by famous artists, among them Vincent Van Gogh, Alphonse Mucha, Vasily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali. Among these great masters, Pablo Picasso joins - the brand ANTE KOVAC has released a new women's collection "PICASSO".

Each collection has a deep idea and thought, thanks to which the owner of a bag from ANTE KOVAC simply can not perceive it only as an accessory. The basis of the new collection were the famous works of Picasso, such as "The Girl on the Ball", "The Absinthe Lover", "Violin and Guitar", "Jacqueline", the artist's paintings depicting his abstraction and cubism. But, as always, the artists of the brand have reproduced great canvases in their own way, bringing to the images the unique style of ANTE KOVAC, for which the brand is so fond of. The drawings harmoniously blend with the design and shape of the bags, creating an integral art object that is applicable in everyday life.