Dear friends! Important part of our mission and powerful value for us is preservation and a justification of the status of the National brand, understanding of the creative activity, as the ways inseparable from patriotic and socially important aspects. In the concepts we show respect and honor of culture and history of our country and the Russian society, singing of the Russian artists, devoting collections to domestic engineers and inventors, cultural figures and arts, to astronauts and writers, architects and their creations. We create subjects with the image of the cities, historic facts, subjects and phenomena of national pride, the instrument of fashion and available other tools in the activity we realize ideas of patriotism. 

Being not only creative, but also commercial structure, we, nevertheless, don't separate ourselves from social problems with which we can help. 

Actively participating in available charitable and noncommercial socially useful projects, to give help to orphanages and other organizations in the form of carrying out lectures about culture and art in our forces, master classes, art photographing. We provide production for charitable auctions, the staff of our company gives volunteer some help. Write for discussion of offers on, and we together will introduce to the world something creative

Faithfully yours,

Founder of the company Anna Seryogina.