We deliver to anywhere in the world through courier services. The cost of delivery is not included in the price of the product and is paid by the customer. We work with reliable courier services, practicing the optimal ratio of the price and quality of their services, however you can choose the delivery service yourself or pick up the order in other ways convenient for you.

For customers from Moscow and the Moscow region:

  • For customers from Moscow and the Moscow region: Possibility of self-export of the order from the boutique ANTE KOVAC at the address: Moscow, ul. Okhotny Ryad. 2, TC "Fashion season" 2 floor. (There is underground parking, free when buying any ANTE KOVAC product), 8 (495) 789-75-55

For customers from other cities and countries:

  • Delivery is carried out by EMC express service, or by another service of your choice. 


For the convenience of the purchase, ANTE KOVAC offers the following types of payment:

In Moscow and the Moscow region:

  • Cash in the store at Moscow, st. Okhotny Ryad l.2 gallery "Fashion season" 2nd floor, Phone 8-495-789-7-555
  • Credit card in the store at the above address

For customers from other countries:

  • On-line payment on the site. Delivery by international courier service.
  • On account in $ or euro through the bank.